A Chinese technology, platform and lottery services provider

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading provider of lottery products and platforms in China and to enhance the consumer’s experience.  

At our core, we are a technology company that delivers versatile, robust and scalable platforms and content, with a focus on constantly improving through innovation.

A Chinese Technology, Content And Services Provider

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enrich the lives of Chinese consumers, by utilising our technology to enable our partners to deliver first class value added services, content and new and evolving opportunities.

At our core, we are a technology company that processes high volumes of transactions and delivers content. We aspire to enrich the lives of Chinese citizens and grow with our public and private sector partners by enabling more rural and urban communities across the country to access exclusive content and pay for more services online.

BNN Technology PLC is a Chinese group and a leader in China’s rapidly evolving $65+ billion lottery market. Parts of the Group have been involved in and operating businesses in the Chinese lottery market for over 15 years and have developed deep relationships with some of China’s leading lottery centres, government agencies and portals.

The Group was positioned to achieve a leading role in China’s lottery market because of the versatile, robust and scalable B2B technology platforms and content it developed for the Chinese lottery, gaming and sports industries.

Since 2012, the Group has developed highly scalable B2B technology platforms for the lottery industry in China capable of processing millions of transactions a day. The Group’s B2B technology platforms include a B2C tele-draw lottery platform for the Shanghai and Guangxi Welfare lottery centers that allows mobile users to play digital games online through their mobile devices, call-center operator and SMS. The Group also currently has a strategic joint venture with the Heilongjiang Sports Bureau, which is responsible for all sports lottery activities in Heilongjiang province of China.

The Group provides a one stop B2B technology solution for many of its lottery centre clients, responsible for the operation of the lottery centre websites, development and provision of cutting edge content, marketing and promotional activities as well as providing Self-Service Terminals.

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BNN Technology PLC – Shareholder Update 23rd December 2022

Dear Shareholder
Further to our update on 30th June 2022, we are pleased to report the updated position of BNN Technology PLC (the “Company” or “BNN”) and the status of our business-sale transaction, as set out below.

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